children's consultation

Pediatric dentistry has become a recognised specialty in Germany, which requires very special knowledge and empathy.

A profit

In order to give children a good start in a healthy life, we offer special treatment methods for children in our practice.


The first contact makes all the difference. He decides whether a child likes to go to the dentist: That's why we only plan a short examination on the first visit to the practice, in which the children can get to know us in a relaxed way.


In order to maintain and promote the children's natural willingness to cooperate, we set up our own children's consultation on Wednesday afternoon. In this way, we can carry out child-friendly treatment, because our little patients should feel comfortable.

How to clean properly?

We see ourselves as a dental practice for the whole family – children are of course one of them and are welcome with us.
Our goal is to build trust right from the start so that your child develops a positive relationship with the topic of dentistry and dental care. This is important because the foundation stone for lifelong oral health is being laid at a young age.

This is how beautiful a visit to the dentist can be

Of course, there is a little surprise for all brave patients at the end!

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