Dental treatment anxiety - A natural phenomenon that affects many people

There is hardly any other medical area that people are so afraid of.

Why to us?

We don't do anything bad: part of our quality concept is a pronounced service orientation. The separation of counseling and treatment should help you to overcome the fear and to be able to rebuild trust with a dentist. This is the basis for a new, carefree and radiant smile.

Good feeling

Unfortunately, the fear of the dentist is still widespread. In some people, it is even so strong that visits to the dentist are only noticed when the pain is no longer sustainable.

Which practice is the right one?

In addition, each person is affected by individual and biological susceptibility with anxiety and - on the other hand - Characteristics and behaviors of the dentist or his employees that are perceived as a threat associated with dental treatment.

You are in control

Many find the situation frightening, lying on a chair, with his mouth practically "at the mercy" of someone (loss of self-control). This is a strong but not morbid feeling and you can be sure that you decide what to do.

There is nothing good unless you do it!

In most cases, several dental problems have accumulated over time: Thanks to our decades of experience, we can treat you safely and gently. If you want, just bring the person you trust!

Pain-free Wohlauf

Others fear a painful treatment at the dentist and are already nervous in advance. This does not have to be the case. Convince yourself of our painless treatment by looking at the many good reviews of our patients.

"Out" yourself.
Talk about it.

Don't lose the courage to deal with your "tooth situation." For example, make a list of wishes and questions. Your dental health is close to our hearts. Therefore, do not be afraid to call us and tell us about your personal problem.

In good company

Sometimes, however, it is also unpleasant experiences from childhood that have left traces on the soul. Or, for example, stories from the social environment that lead to different levels of dental anxiety.

A good tip

Immediately before the dentist's appointment you should do something that relaxes you. This can be reading your favorite book, listening to soothing music or breathing exercises (4 seconds inhalation, 7 sec, exhale 8 seconds) – you know best what's good for you.

Here is an example from practice:

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