Tooth bleaching

Nothing makes for a better appearance than a natural smile with radiant teeth.

Radiant white teeth

Yellow teeth are caused by dark color deposits in the crystal structure of the enamel: nicotine, caffeine, tannin, drugs (for example tetracyclines) are the main causes of discolored teeth, but also fluoride can cause stains in the enamel.

in one meeting

If you think your teeth aren't white enough, we can help you to a beaming smile by bleaching your teeth - in just one session of about two hours.


A PZR should be carried out in any case one week before bleaching. It is also investigated whether carious spots or leaking fillings are present, because through such oxygen radicals can penetrate deep into the tooth and possibly damage the nerve.

If it should be whiter than your own white

Bleaching is an effective way to whiten yellowish, discolored teeth. Similar to bleaching, hydrogen peroxide is used. Internal discolorations, which cannot be removed during professional tooth cleaning, are dissolved by active oxygen and the teeth are thus significantly brighter.

Professional tooth whitening is simple and safe

Please note: Only the natural teeth can be whitened. Bleaching does not work for fillings, crowns or implants! In order to achieve a lighter color, it is necessary to replace these restorations.

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