Professional tooth cleaning (PZR)

is an important part of health care


The toothbrush only reaches 60 to 70 percent of the visible tooth surface. Dental plaque, tartar and stubborn bacteria can only be removed with it. That's why we recommend regular PZR at the dentist.


It not only serves beauty, but also protects against the most diverse diseases of the teeth and gums and is an important factor for your general health.

are beautiful!

In addition to your own thorough dental care at home, regular prophylaxis appointments at the dentist are essential. Because you cannot clean many critical areas, especially at the gum edge and in the gaps between the teeth.

Maintain oral health permanently instead of treating tooth decay and periodontitis.

In recent years, many of our patients have embraced the benefits of continuous and professional dental cleaning. This area of dental care has become increasingly important in recent years and the success of prophylaxis measures can hardly be seen as clearly in any other area of medicine as in dentistry.
Special implant care and professional dental cleaning for pregnant women are further components of our proven concept.

For beautiful and healthy teeth

After the PZR, your smile radiates health and freshness. The difference is visible and palpable. Especially if you drive your tongue over the freshly polished teeth!

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