If a PZR is no longer sufficient to relieve gum problems, we can treat diseased teeth and inflamed gums through periodontitis therapy.


There are many signs of periodontitis: red and swollen gums, bleeding gums on touch, long necks, gum decline, bone loss, loosening of the tooth, bad breath, as well as diffuse pain on the tooth and gums.

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Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums caused by plaque bacteria in the dental plaque. Untreated, it leads to tooth loosening and ultimately to the loss of teeth.

People's disease

Numerous studies also show that periodontitis can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature births and have a negative impact on diabetes.

Moderate or severe periodontitis are affected:

35-44 year olds
65-74 year olds

So that you can still bite powerfully tomorrow

A local anaesthetic and then a thorough bag cleaning and post-cleaning is usually enough to control the symptoms of periodontitis (such as bad breath, bleeding gums, deep gum pockets).
In severe cases, we recommend treatment with the HELBO therapy laser, which effectively destroys bacteria in deep pockets.

Our expertise, your health

Through an individual aftercare program with regular checks and professional dental restoration, we can together restore your oral health permanently and keep your teeth firm and healthy for a long time.

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