The best way to replace nature


The dental implant is an artificial root that is implanted in the jaw instead of a missing tooth. This procedure takes place in local anesthesia, is low-risk and lasts between one and two hours.


Once the implant has healed, it can begin its actual service: the headboard (posts) is supplemented and artificial dental crowns, bridges or prostheses are anchored to it.


The implantation is always preceded by an exact X-ray survey and precise analysis of your jaws. Sometimes a bone structure is also necessary for permanent and fixed care.

Solid teeth instead of wobbly rattlesnake

Implants sit tightly like your own teeth, healthy neighboring teeth do not need to be sanded or are damaged by clamps. With implants, we can offer numerous patients solid dentures of the highest quality and outstanding aesthetics. Such cares come very close to the natural state of the denture, feel similar and look just like own solid teeth. No one notices that you are wearing dentures.
With good dental care, about 90 of the implants are still stuck in the jaw after ten to fifteen years. With our preventive program, we support you in your care and show you how to maintain your dentures for a long time.

Implant consultation

Do you have any questions about your treatment options and your tooth loss? For a non-binding personal interview, we have introduced a special implant consultation. Call us at (09131) 21444 or make an appointment here in our Erlanger practice

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