Cash benefit

Their demands for medical and dental care have been increasingly limited in recent years. In the range of dentures, the health insurance benefits were limited to a legally prescribed "necessary, reasonable and economical" dentures (control service).


This does not mean that freedom of therapy must be restricted, but it will be necessary to set priorities for oneself.

Technical possibilities

The aim is always to achieve a lasting overall supply taking into account the soft tissue aesthetic. This is also known internationally as perioprosthetics.

Dentures with satisfaction guarantee

Crowns, bridges and prostheses can now look almost as beautiful as real teeth. By adapting to your bite, high-quality dentures also ensure a natural chewing sensation. We offer you high-quality crowns, bridges and prostheses of various kinds – individually tailored to your needs.

Local dental technicians

To this end, we work closely with Dental-Art, a dental laboratory here in Erlangen. The close coordination between dentistry, dental technology and you as a patient is important so that you are satisfied with your "new" teeth in the long term.

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