Aesthetic dentistry

If you are not satisfied with the colour or shape of your teeth or gums, you do not have to accept this – we offer you a wide range of aesthetic dental treatments in our practice.

Best materials

Aesthetics (from ancient Greek s.a.sthis") was until the 19th century primarily the teaching of beauty, laws and harmony in nature and art.

Individual production

Aesthetics literally means: teaching of perception or sensual viewing. Aesthetically, therefore, everything that moves our senses when we look at it is beautiful, ugly, pleasant and unpleasant.

Excellent long-term results

For us, aesthetic dentistry means primarily healthy teeth, the preservation of the natural appearance of teeth and the consideration of the individual characteristics of each patient.


The focus is on the combination of classical medicine and the patient's well-being. We are concerned with a holistic concept, a result that is as natural as possible and a fresh, rejuvenating overall impression. Since the highest quality dental solutions today require interdisciplinary cooperation between dental and dental experts, we only work with highly qualified dental technicians, e.g. straw & scrubbing plough dental technology.

Your smile is our most beautiful compliment

Aesthetic treatments can be used to optimize the appearance of your teeth. Aesthetic corrections also support the proper functioning of the teeth, ensure healthy gums and strengthen self-confidence.

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